BL-2 Auto Chart Projector


Refrcting distance 2 to 6m
Projection magnification 30×(in 5m refraction)
Projection size 330×225mm, φ275mm(in 5m refraction)
Number of charts 33
Chart change-over 1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Number od masks Open 1, Horizontal line 5, Vertical line 6, Single isolation 16, R&G 1
Mask change-over 1 frame / 0.03 sec.
Program step 2 type, Max. 30 steps available
Projection lamp 6V 5W(LED lamp)
Automatic shut-off After 5 minutes
Electricity AC 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Power consumption 65VA
Dimensions 292(L)×196(W)×243(H)mm
Weight 605Kg

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BL-2 Chart Projector

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