PD-668 PD Meter (Centrometer)


Measurement Method Cornea reflection light coincidence method
Range of data display Binocular pupillary distance: 44-83mm
Left or right pupillary distance: 22-41.5mm
Effective range of measurement Binocular pupillary distance: 45-82mm
Left or right pupillary distance: 22.5-41mm
Indication error <0.5mm
Rounding error <0.5mm
The scope of the focus point 30cm﹣∞
Power source Voltage: DC 3V, Specification: AA battery, Quantity: 2 Or 4 pieces
Time for automatic shut-off 1 minute after stopping operation
Dimensions 214mm(L)×150mm(W)×51mm(H)
Weight 0.6kg

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PD-668 PD Meter (Centrometer)

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