RM-9000 Auto Refractometer

1. Using the ARM processor and the latest domestic image processing, the system is fast and the image is clear.
2. Japan's mature optical path system, humanized automatic mist measurement process, to reduce the error caused by adjustment, more precise measurements
3. Light rack with integral casting, CNC machining, measuring system is more stable, good consistency
4. Color LCD display, 5.7 inches man-machine interface is more comfortable
5. PD Automatic measurement function, automatically PD value
6. One key lock function, quickly locking mobile platforms
7. Innovative designs, accord with the structure of human body engineering, to bring customers good aesthetic feeling and comfortable
8. Data transmission with CV7000, improved efficiency of online


Measurement Range

Sphere -20D~+20D (VD=12mm) 0.125D/0.25D steps

Cylinder -8D~+8D 0.125D/0.25D steps

Axis angle 1°~180° 1°steps

Pupillary Distance 45~85mm 1mm steps
Vertex Distance 0/12/13.75/15mm

Minimum Pupil Diameter

Chart Auto Fog Chart
Date Saving 10 Measuredvalues for both eyes
Specification Display: 5.7" LCD(color)
Print: Built-in Thermal Printer
Power Suppiy: AC 220V ,50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
Dimensions/Weight: 288(W)*500(D)*480(H) 14kg
Power Save:5/10 min(Selectable)
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RM-9000 Auto Refractometer

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