SW-7000 Specular Microscope

Brief Introduction:
Precision optical, mechanical and electrical integration instruments, integration of the three-dimensional motion system, auto-focus shooting control system, optical light imaging system, image display processing systems and auxiliary systems, using non-contact mode, you can make a quick auto-calibration, automatic shooting of corneal endothelial cell images and measure the thickness of the cornea, meanwhile, embedded in a rapid and efficient functional software for analysis of corneal endothelial cell images, can make a detailed analysis of the captured images in a timely manner, so as to give help and support to the quick check and analysis of cornea status

Dual CCD focus, you can also observe the eye and endothelial
Non-contact measurement system to make rapid measurements more secure, convenient, simultaneous display of corneal thickness
Built-in workstations, integrating multiple analysis and measurement tools
Provides automatic / semi-automatic / manual image acquisition mode
Color LCD display, touch screen input
7:00 fixation standard design available corneal center, nasal, temporal side, upper side and lower side of the other image
Support for external video duplicator
Supports USB data export functions

Software features:
Can display the number of endothelial density, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, average / maximum / minimum
Crochet automatic, manual Crochet, coloring, amplification, automatic analysis and other functions
According to cell size and cell number of sides on the statistical classification of cells

Capture Scope: from 0.2mm×0.5mm
Optical Magnification : from 160×
Working distance: from 25mm
Stroke range of motion platform:
Head:X±6mm Y±5mm,Z±6mm
Stroke range of shooting auxiliary system:
Chin rest:50mm
Precision of corneal thickness measuring:
Weight : 25Kg
Dimension: 360mm×380mm×450mm

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