YZ25C Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, wireless

Advanced optical design avoids the glistening and provides the broad filed.

--LED bulb(low-temperature,low-pressure,high-brightness) with long lifetime to make the illumination uniformly and bright. The illumination brightness can be adjusted continuously.
--Imaging clearly,strong dimensional sense and large field of view range.The main body part of this device adopts engineering plastics and is designed to be compact and exquisite.
--Super lightweight design, reduce fatigue,operation is very convenient.
--The portable power supply is suitable for surgery, ward round and consultation.
--This device is equipped with color filter,teaching mirror and sclera depressor to be more handy in operation.


Pupilary Adjustment 52mm ~ 74mm adjustable
Intensity of Illumination continuous adjustment with the maximum intensity no less than 500Lx
Headband 520~640mm in circumference, 85~125mm in depth
Light Spots Big spot, middle spot and small spot
Filters Red-free, white and cobalt blue
Light Source LED light
Source of Power Li+ battery, DC 7.4V
AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Input Power Battery charger: 15 VA
AC charger: 50VA
Dimension of Main Part 142mm × 48mm × 128mm(long×breadth×high)
Weight of Main Pa rt 230g

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